PTG Tyre Inflation Systems

The right tyre inflation system for any demand and every budget


PTG-tyre inflation systems are available for all vehicles and trailers:

Starting with the AIRBOX/mobil for inflation axle by axle on the stationary vehicle up to the fully automated pressure adjustment on the move with our RDS systems.


On the left you find the vehicle categories where we introduce you to the individual systems and give you an overview of the various applications. Some systems are shown in only one category; others are shown in several.


The systems with which tyre inflation can be adjusted on stationary vehicles are shown only in the agricultural tractors category, for example. Of course, these systems can also be used with other vehicles. Have a look for yourself to get the general idea and if you have any questions, just contact us.


One more remark concerning the classification and designation of PTG tyre inflation systems with which tyre pressure can be adjusted while on the move:


The system is operated using the pneumatic control, the digital control or the ISOBUS control.


All systems where the lines are led outside along the mudguards to a rotary joint on the outside of the wheel we call AIRBOX/drive and are available in single or dual line technology.


The systems where the lines are led along the axle to an inner rotary connections – for trailers the lines go through the axle – we call RDS.


Several powerful compressors and individual made-to-measure solutions all around the topics of tyre inflations systems, rotary joints, system control, etc. round out our product line.


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